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The IDAT Capital Corporation newsletter is a daily specific spreadsheet on the momentum equities in the U.S. markets.  The detailed proprietary algorithmic driven trades offers intraday traders the opportunity to use our proprietary systems for their own research, accounts and trades.

Downloadable by our subscribers at 9:00 a.m. EST each business day the letter in spreadsheet form addresses the market technical trends on momentum and direction from an intraday short term perspective.

Our subscribers include leading banks, brokerage firms, hedge funds and day traders from around the world.

Viewers of interest may purview our sample newsletter to familiarize themselves with the analytics and extensive spreadsheet layout data with categories of financial concern.

IDAT Capital Corporation analyzes over 8,000 stock each day for momentum and direction.  The immediate appreciation is with the projected potential computing to trade.  The trick is to identify the overall premarket to market for the individual equity momentum stocks in an uptrend or downtrend on a daily basis.  Knowing the exact direction of the market driven specified equities and what they are doing is the single most important information an investor or trader needs to have.

The ability to time the market is so important to your success that immediate bull and bear strategy can be confirmed.  The unique tools we offer are so powerful that it makes finding appropriate market specific trades applicable.

The IDAT Capital Corporation newsletter is the exact intraday trades our corporate algorithmic recommendations have yielded for our hedge fund.  As such, the individual investor who wants guidance on strategy and market timing can elect their own trades on select equities.

Our hedge fund embodies a quantitative algorithmic intraday trading approach that allows the opportunity for returns exceeding buy and hold strategies.  The intraday market trading maximizes profit and eliminates the geo political and other market events that can decimate a portfolio aftermarket and overnight.  Only the unique proprietary IDAT Capital Corporation approach to trading utilizing the aforementioned system can yield previously unheard of returns on capital and be realized daily.

The investor of today can directly invest with IDAT Capital Corporation or utilize our newsletter to generate consistency and predictability of a company's daily financial performance in their own personal portfolio.

On its own, IDAT Capital Corporation is an unique, algorithmic driven and dedicated to yield top results that will be optimally profitable.

Jeffrey Sand MBA JD

Managing Director/CEO

IDAT Capital Corporation

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The IDAT Capital Corporation Newsletter is proprietary and limited to the sole use of the IDAT Capital Corporation clients. The IDAT Capital Corporation Newsletter is protected by U.S. and International Copyright laws. All rights are reserved. No license is granted to the subscriber except for the subscriber's personal use during the subscription. No part of this publication or its contents may be copied, downloaded, stored in a retrieval system, further transmitted, or otherwise reproduced, stored, disseminated, transferred, or used, in any form or by any means, except with prior written permission from IDAT Capital Corporation. Further, any such dissemination that has received prior approval from IDAT Capital Corporation must contain notice of IDAT Capital Corporation's copyright.

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Any disclosure or use, distribution, dissemination or copying of any information received from The IDAT Capital Corporation Newsletter is strictly prohibited, whether derived from The IDAT Capital Corporation or from any oral or written communication by way of opinion, advice, or otherwise with a principal of the company, is not warranted in any manner whatsoever, is for the use of our clients only, and may be obtained from internal and external research sources considered to be reliable.

The information contained in The IDAT Capital Corporation Newsletter is not necessarily complete and its accuracy is not guaranteed by The IDAT Capital Corporation, its operating entity or the principals therein. Principals of The IDAT Capital Corporation may or may not hold or be short of securities discussed herein, or of any other securities, at any time. Neither the information contained in The IDAT Capital Corporation Newsletter, nor any opinion expressed in The IDAT Capital Corporation Newsletter constitutes a solicitation for the purchase of any future or security referred to in The IDAT Capital Corporation Newsletter.

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