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Intra Day Algorithm Trading Capital Corporation is a hedge fund whose clients range from individuals, 401K Plans and Corporations both domestic and abroad.  Specifically the largest customers are corporations and individuals in the Middle East including United Arab of Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Intra Day Algorithm Trading unlocks the market magnitude and direction of specific momentum equities to maximize day trading profits. 

The ability to define the equity specific trend from market open is determined by proprietary vector algorithm designs. 

Automated reasoning with manual oversight provides specific trades in a systematic solution that allows IDAT Capital Corporation to use the most effective method of executing and closing orders on a non-hold daily basis.


IDAT Capital Corporation provides the means by which investors can secure themselves against the fluctuations in the market by the purchase and sale of stocks, exchange traded funds, initial public offerings, options, future contracts including commodities, currencies and index contracts.


The means by which an investor deals through IDAT Capital Corporation in the purchase of investment vehicles can be done as a joint, individual or sole decision of the IDAT Capital Corporation management offering a way to utilize various type of hedging techniques for their investments.





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