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Our number one goal at Intra Day Algorithm Trading Capital Corporation is to make money in the stock market on interactive intra day market direction. Our proprietary algorithm software provides trend indicators that statistically provide the most likely combination of market momentum and direction on trading in pre-market to market. The institutional buys provide an inference as to momentum up and down movements of the equities pricing. By analyzing the direction of equities that our trend indicators provide; including price and volume momentum this is compared and correlated with previous day activities. Subsequently, we put together a detailed summary excel spreadsheet of the most likely combinations of equities to fundamentally rise quickly in price and initiate blocks of trades utilizing advance order techniques. Every investor utilizing the most powerful features of our traders has the ability to combine the fundamental valuation with insight of technical analysis to maximize investment profit.

We believe it is extremely important in today's market to provide the single most important thing the investor needs to be aware of the fundamental ethics of our corporation. We will return upon written notarized request all monies invested within five business days on fully invested funds only.  Incurred costs will be deducted and accounting detailed. The terms of our hedge fund on a one year basis are two percent (2%) management fees and twenty percent (20%) of profit above the initial minimum investment in the amount of $250,000 (USD) or breakwater. If the initial investment money of $250,000 (USD) is withdrawn prior to a year time period from the date of account investment then the investor will be charged the full two percent (2%) management fee and twenty percent (20%) of profit above the initial investment. Any incurred loss of the original amount will be absorbed by the investor. The only risk the investor has to consider in withdrawing funds is the surcharge of a full year's management fee. Only cash positions will be held overnight and these may be changed into another currency depending upon market condition to take advantage of currency fluctuation.

IDAT Capital Corporation undergoes an annual financial audit by an independent auditor CPA that includes verification of the existence of the assets held by the fund. The fund's assets are held at Fidelity and RJ Obrien.  All account positions, trade and cash management are updated daily as to managed accounts. 

Investment products will include:



Initial Public Offering

Exchange Traded Funds

Commodity Futures Contracts


Bitcoins, Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Altcoins

IDAT Capital Corporation will invest in Bitcoins and alternative Altcoins in various managements:

- Coinbase

- Bitcoin investment trust OTCMKTS: GBTC

- Futures Contracts will be offered by CBOE and CME

- IRA Investment

Minimum investment for Bitcoin and Altcoin is $20,000 USD.

Cryptocurrency market trading through analysis of capitalization including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins as requested.

IDAT uses seven day pricing graph with 24 hour changes in real time.

Analysis includes:

- Market Capitalization

- Price

- Volume 24 hours

- Circulation

- Change

A price graph is generated in real time to effectuate and maximize trading profit in US dollars.

The charting process yields market capitalization and price to the second and price to a tenth of a cent.

IDAT Capital Corporation at the discretion of the account holder will convert the account in US Dollars to a named foreign currency overnight only if the account holder notifies IDAT Capital Corporation in writing as to the specific conversion, this includes US Treasury Bonds to potentially enhance profit.






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