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Mission Statement: Our main objective to our investors is to maximize profits with minimal risk at the most efficient levels.  High frequency trading represent eighty percent of all daily volume and IDAT Capital Corporation is positioned through analytic trading to focus specifically on daily market sentiment on segment statistical inference.

IDAT Capital Corporation is a diversify hedge fund that does proprietary intra day algorithm trading. Focus is centered upon magnitude and direction of pre-market to market leading equities. The ability to ascertain selective daily momentum directional trading, allows maximized profits with the safety of daily closed trades. By locking in profits without market uncertainties, holding risky equities over night is eliminated.

Quantitative finance utilizing applied mathematics taking observed market prices and direction provides stochastic oscillators for a corresponding direction and value.

Domestic and foreign market driven accretive events provide the formulation of financial data to maximize daily returns on application particular transactions. 

Trend, direction and magnitude allow actual value to be unlocked as to accretive acquisitions and earnings on a pro-forma basis. The ability to emphasize market trend based upon public announcements of specific financial events and figures allows IDAT Capital Corporation to provide investment potential beyond any buy, hold and hedge strategies traditionally used by most prevailing hedge fund today.

Based upon investor's written request, IDAT Capital Corporation will return all investor monies in ten business days subject to the normal yearly two percent (2%) management fees and twenty percent (20%) profit fees over the breakwater initial capital investment of $250,000 (USD).

IDAT Capital Corporation also provides release of the trades and strategy on a subscription bases to individual investors and groups. This newsletter is a combination of strategy and detail spreadsheet providing all necessary financial details to effectuate the same trades as IDAT Capital Corporation performs on all open market trading day basis. This newsletter is available on a subscription basis for $399 per month. Samples of this Newsletter is available for your review under the "Newsletter" tab.





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